Naples Florida is known for its great vacation rentals on Vanderbilt Beach, Pelican Bay Beach, Park Shore Beach and other beach rentals in Naples. Beach houses and condo rentals, great golf courses & shopping with 360 restaurants (luxury & casual) makes Naples - perfect for your vacation rental in southern Florida. Naples has easy beach access with short-term or weekly rentals in condos or houses - which is a great alternative to hotels.

Luxury beach houses and condo for vacation rentals on Vanderbilt beach, offer weekly rentals, but most will be two - three month minimums because of building association laws.
When considering a purchase in Naples, renting near areas you may purchase is the best strategy.
ONLY WEEKLY RENTAL on Vanderbilt Beach because all other buildings must rent 30 day minimum because of Condo Association laws of their building. We Demand our condo to be Clean Clean Clean when you arrive.

Rentals in Naples

Naples beach rentals are usually for vacation rentals near beach in luxury condo’s or luxury beach houses.  Everyone is interested in Gulf of Mexico beach views and easy beach access, while they inspect the city of Naples for future purchase of a second homes.  Everyone prefers the luxury beach rentals while they determine if they will purchase in the beach area, golf developments or in single family houses a few miles away.  To determine which is more important the price usually wins.

One or two months rental in February and March is the high demand period for Naples beach rentals, but 98% of all owners will require 3 months minimum, because of association laws or just to make it easy on the owner.  So beach renters make decision on which property to rent 12 months in advance, before leaving each spring. As the summer/fall season comes, more owners will offer their home for rent but still want 3 months minimum until November when some will accept 2 months.

Vanderbilt beach luxury rentals for weekly vacations in Naples are limited to one or two buildings on Vanderbilt beach, and one building in Seagate area. All other weekly rentals are more than 700 yards from beach and have no views and must use public beaches and don’t have private beach access. So they must park in county parking lots/ramps and walk at least 200 yards to a crowded beach.

Buildings allowing 1 month rentals are limited to three buildings in Pelican Bay and one building on Park Shore, but those owners always want 3 month minimums. Vanderbilt beach are all 30 day minimum rentals, but owners will ask for 3 months for seasonal rentals, until late November before they accept 2 months minimum.

We have one house with its own Private Beach Access & Private Beach, so it’s very popular because of its 100 yards walk to their own Beach. No other houses in Naples have their own Private Beach Access & Private Beach.

Consider this, as it is very important:
• Houses with pools on the south side, are best for having more sun and warmth during winter months – this is very important.  Pools on the north side of the house will be in the shade during winter months when we have low sun angles – so less sun tanning and cooler around the pool.

• Single floor houses are the best because we don’t want to climb stairs anymore.

• Location Location Location – stay away from loud streets, or views looking at condo building from house rental on canals.

• Remodeled houses are very important – New appliances, new tile floors and bathoooms, and furniture and at least 1900 square feet.


Private Golf Clubs we can get a renter on!

Our renters can play 4-5 Private Golf Clubs during season (and all times of the year) because we are members at the Ritz–Carlton Hotel Spa and the best private golf club in Naples – Talis Park GC.  Nobody else in Naples can offer you these benefits, because all Private golf clubs in Naples do not allow non-members to play their club. Our rates are lower than current fees at public courses and tee times will be easier.

There are 4 public golf clubs in Naples and their rates have gone up to between $200-275 with reduced rates after 1pm and 3pm.

The public clubs are the Tiburon at Ritz-Carlton and Naples Beach Hotel & Golf and they both have completely replaced grass on greens and fairways which is a very big improvement. The Old Corkscrew Golf Cub and Esplanade Golf & CC are the only private clubs which allow non-members to play because they are the worst clubs in town.

With a plethora of luxury residential properties to choose from, it's best to start with a list of the items you want most in a Naples home. Its diverse mix of neighborhoods and gated country club communities can confuse even the most savvy of real estate prospects. View, golf, tennis, boating, convenience to shopping, proximity to the beach…all are important keys to identifying and finally realizing the ultimate dream home you desire. Would you rather have a four thousand square foot luxury condo overlooking the seventh hole of a championship golf course, or a home with a four car garage and a private pool? Naples is known for its wonderful, first class golf course communities such as Collier's Reserve, Grey Oaks, Pelican Bay, Mediterra, and Bay Colony to name a few, plus the dozens of public courses in our area. It is no wonder why Naples is known as 'golf capital of the world'.Whether you decide to spend $600,000 or $9,000,000. Scott Sorenson can help you refine your luxury real estate needs and your Golfing Community wish list.

Luxury Real Estate For Rent, For Sale in Naples, Florida

The Naples luxury real estate market is vast and varied as is the pricing. It is smart to ask for advice and allow a veteran professional to educate you on the many possibilities that best suit your needs. The choices can be mind boggling or carefully thought out and systematically eliminated or selected. The right real estate agent is key to your luxury home purchase or rental. When shopping for real estate in Naples, the process itself should be pleasurable! Naples, Florida offers nearly every luxury imaginable except a snow covered mountain to ski on! Unless you have a decade to ponder your purchase, it's best to view the myriad of options through the eyes of a seasoned professional. Scott Sorenson knows his business. Scott knows the ebbs and flows of the Naples Luxury Real Estate market and he can guide you through the steps of a thorough analysis and aide you in making a wise choice.

Naples Luxury Condominiums

The luxury real estate market in Naples is still booming. No matter what happens in the rest of the world, the luxury real estate market in Naples is, by comparison, still somewhat insulated from the economic fluctuations elsewhere. Although building has slowed down a bit, there is no shortage here of stellar, luxury condominiums, and villas available for sale or rent, offering the most exclusive amenities, magnificent views and exceptional value. Choose a view of the Gulf of Mexico or the gorgeous cityscape of Naples from a Park Shore penthouse or catch a glimpse of the Ritz Carlton or Clam Pass from the balcony of a Bay Colony high-rise. The choices are as diverse as the prices which currently range from $500,000 to more than $14,000,000 for a condo with view of the Gulf.

Naples Luxury Lifestyle

Naples, Florida is unlike anywhere else. With unique qualities of both beauty and bounty, Naples is a haven for those who enjoy the very finest of everything, and have a penchant for luxury real estate. Luxury abounds in so many forms, both simple and complex. Nature has provided a rich backdrop of year' round color with its lush foliage, ever blooming flowers and awe inspiring sunsets. Enviable weather allows for nearly 365 days of golf, boating, biking and tennis. Never lacking for fine dining, and fine art, Naples attracts worldwide attention for its many galleries, specialty shops, first rate hotels and restaurants. With one of the highest per capita net worth figures in the country, Naples is home to thousands of multi-millionaires. Along with the high concentration of wealth in Naples, is its history of high stakes philanthropic ventures. Charity auctions and celebrity benefits break fundraising records every year with such events as The Naples Wine Festival, The Angel Ball and numerous golf and tennis events which raise money for local non-profit organizations who help people in need, especially children. As they say, wealth begets wealth and Naples is no exception to the concept, nor is it exempt from the civic responsibility that comes with that high level of wealth showing that Naples truly has a big heart.

Luxury Waterfront, Beachfront Property

Naples Luxury Single Family Homes and Condos Naples also has a reputation for its opulent lifestyle and abundance of luxury homes and condominiums. Whether it is the row of 'mansions' and spectacular beach front estates along Gordon Drive, the palatial residences in Port Royal and Bay Colony or the impressive golf course facing homes in Grey Oaks or Mediterra, Naples gives new meaning and appeal to the term 'luxury real estate'. Pricing from $1,000,000 to $23,000,000 allows you to choose your level of comfort.

Work With Us

Our 45+ years of real estate experience in luxury properties as an agent, is enhanced with additional 30 years of experience from Mimi, as Architect & Licensed High-End Interior Design experience in Naples, helping us understand how to evaluate floor plan, building, and potential design when you evaluate the price of a property and future changes.